" The mountains are the only stars that we can reach by foot "_ Fabrizio Caramagna

From the top of the Sestriere hill, you will forget the stress and chaos of city life and enjoy conifer woods, small and solitary valleys and ancient villages with their authentic tastes. The ideal landscape to enjoy real emotions!


Riding turns "I would like to" to "I can."_ Peter Brown

Paths and mule tracks along the ancient “via dei Franchi”. A fascinating adventure to experience on horseback.

trekking tour/nordic walking

The mountain offers to the human being everything that modern society forgets to give him.

Lakes, alps and chalets, the destinations of regenerating excursions. For the lovers of fitness and trekking, Nordic Walking allows to connect the performances of the fitness with invigorating outdoor trekking.

The greek physician Hippocrates believed that walking was "the best medicine." Some studies indicate that those who walk regularly may be less likely to get sick than those who are sedentary. Studies show that walking reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It may protect against diabetes by improving the body's ability to use insulin. It keeps bones strong, preventing osteoporosis. It increases the strength, agility and endurance. It helps you lose weight and maintain your weight. It also improves sleep and mental activity, and can help fight depression. In fact, some say: "I have two doctors, my left and my right leg”.


A picturesque landscape is the best place for physical reconditioning in view of the winter season.
The winter skiing slopes in summer time are transformed into a huge down-hill bike parks (among the largest in Europe).

high altitude training

"Every time I start to climb a transformation takes place in me. When my hands touch the rocks, all weariness and each reluctance disappears. An unknown force comes into my blood, and the more I climb, the stronger I feel. Increasingly steps seem easier to me". _ Emilio Comici

The medical interest in altitude is very old, Particularly in terms of its relationship to physical activities such as work or sports. It helps improve endurance, especially in aerobics (cycling), the benefit resulting from the reduction of air resistance is more than offset by the disadvantage due to the reduction of the VO2max. The decrease in air density caused by altitude has a positive effect on the respiratory system.


"The tennis bag is very similar to Your Heart: You must always know what's inside" _ Andre Agassi


"How would you explain to a child what is happiness?" ... "I wouldn’t, I would give him a ball to play with”. _ Eduardo Galeano


“The eighteen holes of a race can teach you more about your opponent that nineteen years of negotiations around a table” _ Grantland Rice

The Sestriere Golf Club, founded in 1932, brings together all the charm of a unique place and the comfort of modernity open to the whole family.
Its picturesque location makes it one of a kind. Today Sestriere is one of the two highest golf course of Europe, and it is part of the Italian history of this discipline (in 1936 it was the location of the first Italian Open). Situated at just 65 km from the Turin’s airport and 10 km from France, on the same legendary slopes that have hosted the Olympics, it boasts 18 remarkable holes.
The charm of this sport is based on several factors. For some it is an opportunity to be outdoors and at the same time do some exercise. Others are attracted by the social side of golf: is a sport that people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities can play together. Nevertheless, part of the charm of golf are in the friendly competition made possible by the introduction of a score. Unlike what happens in most sports, in golf the aim is to have the lowest score possible.

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