The light of snow

The first ray of sunlight shines on the bright snowflakes, white dunes cover everything while the silent sun rises over the snowy mountains and colours the sky with light pink, light blue and dark blue nuances. It's a typical winter day at the Shackleton resort. Exclusive emotions and unforgettable memories!


Skiing without limits

460 km of Olympic slopes to meet the requirements of every skier only a few meters far from he resort. Skiing courses for adult and children.


"The charm of the mountains comes from the fact that they are beautiful ... big ... and dangerous …" _ Reinold Messner

Experience great downhills along white slopes from an helicopter under the supervision of a qualified staff.

ski poles

In to the silence of the snow

The crunch of the snow under the ski poles among larches and solitary pinewoods.

Sled dogs

"The dog is a gentleman: it is sincere, it does not lie, it does not deceive, it does not betray, it is generous, it is altruistic, it has confidence ” _ Mark Twain

Drive a sled pulled by dogs in the silence of the snow: a thrilling experience. Learn to become the leader of the pack: Charisma, Decision making, consistency are the main qualities featured. The dogs will reward you with affection. They literally feed on love; it is their true vocation.

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